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Bookkeeping Services

You can hire a Professional Bookkeeper for as low as $50 per month.

Standard Bookkeeping

The most affordable option ... Starting at just $50 per month

Simply drop off your documents for the month with your Bookkeeper. In a few days your books are ready to be picked up ... recorded, reconciled, with all related reports ... it's that easy.

Don't want to make the trip to deliver your documents. Pickup and delivery in Volusia County is just $25 more ... we can come to you.  

On-Site Bookkeeping

For the Business Owner that needs in-house personal attention.

A Bookkeeper will come to your business location and enter your records into your system. Our most common plan is weekly, but we can provide services biweekly, monthly, or even multiple times per week if you require more frequent attention to keep on top of your finances.

Services start as low as $100 per month.

Relief Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping coverage when you need it most.

Your bookkeeper is going on extended vacation, maternity leave, or worse has just resigned with little or no notice ... What are you going to do?

Don't panic! We've got you covered. One of our ABC professionals can come out, even on short notice, days or evenings, to keep your business up and running until you have a replacement.

This service is very affordable and has sometimes revealed that a business does not actually need a full time bookkeeper on premises. Some businesses will continue to contract with ABC through the end of the year for continuity of service or to help organize or reorganize the work and/or paperwork flow of their office.

Other services offered in a short-term situation:

* Training for your new or existing staff.

* Setup QuickBooks or other accounting software.

* Data conversion from one software to another.

* Transition your bookkeeping from paper to a computer.

* Custom reports to better manage your business

* Custom Excel spreadsheets for projects or monthly, quarterly, semi-annual statistics or information.


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